We’ve been inspired by the voices and wonderful stories of people we’ve met and worked with over the years. Have a look through! We hope that they will inspire you too.

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Cycling Without Age Rides

Joyce’s freedom!

Kath enjoys rides to the park

Barbara enjoys the lovely fresh air

Taking Joyce and Robert to their Civil Partnership Ceremony

Start Cycling with Cake Confidence

Rachel starts cycling to work

Alison’s cycling breakthrough

Holly’s amazing experience

Jane finds cycling is fun

Maureen’s recovery

Rose and the e-bike

Brian gets back into cycling adventures!

Walking, cycling, and car-lite living

Domini unwinds after work

Annette’s car-free choice

Niteen rediscovers the joy of cycling

Community Volunteering

Simon loves meeting new people

Alison leads the Walking Book Group

Amanda enjoys giving her time up for others

We also offer annual paid Internships through local Universities. Have a listen to Ciara (on the right) in the video above talking about her Film and Media internship with us in 2021.