York’s Illuminate Your Bike Ride

Illuminate your bike!

Every year, in late October, it gets wilder, colder and darker out there. If you ride a bike, there is a simple, joyful way to brighten up the darker months as you cycle around the city – illuminate your bike!
A light to the front and back of your bike is enough, but why stop there? Multiple lights, fairy lights, glow sticks and ghosts, spokey dokeys, flashing gloves, disco balls… anything goes!

York’s Illuminate Your Bike Ride

We introduced the “Illuminate Your Bike Ride” to York to complement the Illuminate York Festival in 2014. Most years since then, we’ve run an annual Ride around the city on a dark, late October evening – with bikes and ourselves all creatively lit up, and prize for the best dressed bike. You can see below some memories of the Rides and wonderful lighting ideas from riders.
Illuminating your bike is a great way to stay safe and have fun with your bike through the darker months. And riding around the city all lit up can spread a little joy!

York’s Illuminate Your Bike Ride is an original York Bike Belles’ initiative. All rights reserved.