Cake Confidence

Start cycling with cake confidence in 2020!

What is Cake Confidence?

Cake Confidence is a free, friendly, and fun four-week programme to support you into the wonderful world of cycling – over cake where we can!
The 3 Cake Confidence Steps are:
Step 1:
Last Saturday Session – meeting us, agreeing a personalised ‘Cycling Plan’, borrowing a bike if needed and initial cycle training. This takes place at Cycle Heaven in Fulford on/ around the Last Saturday of the month. There will, of course, be cake available when the cafe at Cycle Heaven reopens 🙂
Step 2:
Four Week Cycling Plan – four weeks of cycling support activities, tailored to your cycling goal, whatever that may be! Activities can include personal practice, 1: 1 buddying, joining an easy social ride, or more cycle training.
Step 3:
Review – we’ll celebrate your progress and either book you onto next month, signpost you to other support, or welcome you as an independent cyclist!
We will be following the current Covid-19 precautions from the government at all Cake Confidence activities. We trust that you will do the same.
Places are next available on the programme starting on or around Saturday 26 September. Please enquire by emailing

Does Cake Confidence work?

Yes! We have worked with 435 ‘cake confidencers’ over the last 3 years. In a 2019 survey, 92% said they started cycling or cycled more often after our support. Have a read of some wonderful stories of journeys into cycling from former cake confidencers, Holly, Maureen, Rose and Brian, with more on our Stories pages.

What sort of bike can I borrow?

All our bikes are comfortable and easy to use, and have names! You can borrow one for the whole of the four-week Cake Confidence programme for free.
They include comfortable Ridgeback town and hybrid bikes, top of the range Gazelle Dutch bikes, and, excitingly, high quality electric bikes. All bikes come with locks and panniers. We ask that you sign a bike hire agreement and pay a £20 returnable deposit.

And finally, a thank you!

Thank you to Cycle Heaven and one of their suppliers, Madison, for the generous donation of 8 bikes and ongoing support and to Sport England, for funding until March 2021.

Cake Confidence 2020 is an original York Bike Belles project, all rights reserved.