Brian gets back into cycling adventures!

Brian started cycling in his mid 50’s and, for the next 27 years, threw himself into an active, adventurous cycling lifestyle! Brian described some wonderful trips around the UK and abroad including France, Germany and The Netherlands – taking his customised tourer bike with him on the train.

In recent years, Brian has experienced health issues which meant he had to stop his beloved hobby. In late 2017, he came to a Cake Confidence session to try out an electric bike to see if that would help him carry on cycling…

Do read his story below – it’s inspiring and totally uplifting!

“Twenty-seven years ago, at age 55, I took up cycling and managed over a few months to build up mileage to 35/40 miles a day; over the following 27 years I did some 25,000 miles on my customised tourer bike. However, over the last few years, mileage has dropped to some 12/15 miles a day.

Last year I looked to an e-bike. Initially I was put off by the weight and cost, but finally, when I discovered I could sample using one, I gave it a go.

This service was made possible and provided by York Bike Belles, who arranged the bike loan, gave me full instructions on using the bike, helped to resolve minor problems and most importantly, gave moral support.

I soon discovered a completely different riding style was called for. I took the bike to central Wales for a week; whole new areas of travel were opened up to me and on return I bought an e-bike. It was possible to find an e-bike with an exceptionally low ‘step through’. Although I had my 27″ tourer adapted to a ‘step through’, even this had become a bit of a problem. Another obstacle surmounted.

Now hills which were out of the question a year ago are now in my remit. I would recommend an e-bike to any cyclist looking at giving up their hobby.

I am looking forward to (another) 3 week holiday with the bike in Germany later this year; without an e-bike this would no longer be possible (my 8th trip!)”.