Walking Book Group

Join our walking book group in 2020! WE ARE MEETING VIA ZOOM DURING THE LOCKDOWN

A first for York, our monthly walks are a great opportunity to share and talk about interesting books you have read, meet friendly local people and discover easy walks, and the best cafes in York.

Three easy steps:

  • Read a book around a theme
  • Walk and talk about your book and hear about what others have read
  • Enjoy a chat in a café afterwards

We offer some suggestions for books which come largely from the library catalogue and our leader’s knowledge and love of books, but there is no requirement to read any of these, feel free to bring memories of your own reading on the theme.

We meet 11am, first Thursday of the month, online. Email alison.yorkbikebelles@gmail.com for details.

Everyone is welcome!

Thursday 6 August- theme is: I have been meaning to read ……….

This month’s topic is an opportunity for you to encourage yourself to read something that has been on your “To read” list for a long time, or has been gathering dust on the bookshelf or bedside table. I look forward to an eclectic mix of reading to be discussed in August. We will also think about how we continue the Walking Book Group, because after all it is about walking as much as books!

Volunteer leaders!

We are looking for volunteers to help us run the walks, so do get in touch if you are interested – see volunteer role description here.

If you’d like to find out more, talk to us at yorkbikebelles@gmail.com or alison.yorkbikebelles@gmail.com

“Beautiful way to spend an hour. Gave me a warm glow that lasted the rest of the day”. Katrina.