Holly’s amazing experience

“Thank you so much for the advice and encouragement at June’s cake confidence session, and for the bike loan too.

Having the bike for three weeks was a completely transformative experience for me. I usually walk everywhere, and occasionally get the bus: having the bike opened up the city in an entirely new way, and expanded my horizons far more than I expected or hoped!

Cycling in, I arrived at work with a huge smile on my face, feeling energised, focused, and excited for the day ahead. I also found a new friend in Emma, who borrowed a bike from you too. Emma got in touch after the session, and we went for a couple of rides together whilst we had the bike loans. Having someone to head out on rides with was ace! It was a great motivator to have the confidence to get out there, and to really push ourselves trying new routes, and longer distances. I wouldn’t have had that experience, and social element to my rides, had it not been for the cake confidence session!

I rounded off the three weeks with a trip out to Beningbrough Hall – it was the perfect finish to my bike loan experience. Visiting a wonderful new place, that would have been difficult for me to access otherwise, and clocking up the most miles in a single bike ride that I’ve ever done (at least so far, anyway….). Not to mention also bagging a voucher for a free coffee because I’d traveled by bike — the perks don’t stop!

I went from not having cycled in around 14 years, to getting out on my bike nearly every day over the 3 weeks, and I cycled just over 90 miles altogether in that time.

The only part I wasn’t so keen on was having to give the bike back! But, I’m on the lookout to make my first bike purchase now. So exciting times are ahead!

Thank you so much again, this has been the most amazing experience.”