Rose and the e-bike

 “I can’t walk very well. Some days I can’t do much at all.

The thought of moving my car which is parked near the house, of being stuck in traffic; of being unable to park; and not having a place when I return: all these things mean some days I can’t/won’t even leave home.

A bike, especially, an e-bike, has appealed to me for years. It seems like a great way to roll downtown when I cannot walk and don’t want to drive. However, I was terrified of not having the balance to stay on, and of becoming stranded by pain and exhaustion. Contacting Bike Belles was suggested when I posted on FreeCycle York asking if anyone had an e-bike to sell. A long shot, but, I had to try.

I went along to York Bike Belles’ cake confidence session at Cycle Heaven. I was stunned and deeply moved to be gifted with an e-bike for 3 weeks, a Hi-Vis vest, two (very necessary) trouser clips and a free hour instruction in How To Ride. This last was crucial.

Thanks to the amazing, and kind help I received, including the e-bike for three weeks, training, and help from a cycle friend navigating routes, I am now confident on a bike, even in traffic. I am delighted to report that even after 32 years, riding a bike is like…. Riding a bike! It does come back.

I’ve loved borrowing this bike! I’ve gone all over, picked blackberries til my fingers are purple, and reclaimed my ability to stay on a bike. And you won’t believe the flowers and cool things you’ll see when you’re on a bike. I used my e-bike to reach blackberry bushes I would never have reached by car or foot!

Now I have a bike, courtesy of ReCycle York. I do get out on it often, and feel unhappy if I don’t ride every day.

I’m now even more convinced I need to save for an e-bike. More distance and less worry if my knees are not doing so well (hypermobility) or I’m super exhausted. But I ride now! And I didn’t before! That’s quite a big deal.

Bike Belles really have changed my life. I cannot thank you enough. The e-bike is an excellent bike for those who lack strength or get easily fatigued. Highly recommended!” 

Rose 3.JPG