Barbara enjoys the lovely fresh air!

Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself. Has walking and cycling been a part of your life?

I am not originally from York but have family in the area. I have always walked a lot in my life but not cycled much. However, going out on rides on Trixie has brought cycling and the outdoors into my life in a different way, which is great.

Do you enjoy going out on rides on Trixie?

I love going out on the rides! I really do absolutely love it. I appreciate the lovely fresh air so much. When it’s a little cold they give us a nice cosy blanket to put over us – we can go out regardless of the weather conditions. Going out on the rides may seem like a small part of my life, however to me it makes such a difference to my time here at the Chocolate Works – I look forward to the rides. I always have a wonderful time!

What are your favourite aspects of the rides?

Without a doubt my favourite thing is feeling the lovely fresh air on my face! It is so good to get the chance to enjoy the outdoors now and again. I like being out and about in York and seeing what’s going on. I love going to Rowntree Park on the rides – it is such a nice place and there’s always young children playing and having fun – they are so sweet! I especially enjoy seeing what the people of York are up to – it is great to sometimes chat to people whilst on the rides. As I spend most of my time at the Chocolate Works, I like the social aspect of the rides. I just enjoy being out in general – it is a nice break from day to day life. Here at the Chocolate Works we are really lucky to have the chance to go out on these rides.

Is there anything else that you want to add?

I think that more residents should go out on the rides. Those of us that do think that it’s great and look forward to them so much. I understand that the concept is a little nerve wracking at first but it is so worth it. I have been encouraging one friend here in particular to come on a ride and hopefully will convince her soon! As I’ve said, I think that we are very very lucky to have these rides because it really does make a difference to my life. I hope that more people like me in York get the chance to go out on rides in Trixie.