Adam’s walk to work



I work at Best Western GB’s head office based at Clifton Moor. My journey to work is a leisurely walk of around ten minutes / half a mile through the housing estate onto the adjacent industrial park.

I always enjoy walking, and the commute would actually take longer in a car due to the traffic congestion. It’s satisfying breezing past the gridlocked traffic at rush hour! I choose not to have a car at the moment as the benefits of car-free living, outweigh the drawbacks.

The benefits of walking for me are the fresh air, which clears my head and wakes me enough to be semi-functional by 9 am! I find connecting with nature is both grounding and calming before spending the day in a busy artificial office environment. It’s good exercise too.

I walk to work in my running shoes, just in case I get the urge to break into a spontaneous jog (or if I’m running late!). Since I’ve been walking to work I feel more connected to the changing seasons and have developed an interest in nature photography!

For anyone new to a walking commute, comfortable footwear is an obvious but highly important must. Give yourself plenty of time to get where you’re going, so you’re not rushing, stressed, or arriving at work feeling sweaty and dishevelled! If you’re not familiar with the area use Google maps to plan the quickest/safest route, or better still do a trial run beforehand”.

Do you actively travel to work? If so, why not share your story with us? Post on here or email

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