Sculpting York’s Greenways


Monday 29 May

Meet 10.30am Reading Cafe, Rowntree Park 

Join local artist, Julia Davis-Nosko, in a unique sculpting workshop and walk, the first time it has been done in York! Ideal for families with children over the age of 5.

Julia will work with you in a short hour-long creative workshop to make your own biodegradable clay dome. You can decorate the domes with natural herbs, spices and petals and plant them with seeds inside. You can also inscribe in the clay your own thoughts and inspirations about walking, cycling and living in York.

As a group, we will then all walk together through the park, on the riverside greenway paths and around Millennium Fields and you can choose a #homeforyourdome.

We hope you’ll come back and visit it over the following weeks to see what it has grown into!

We can all walk on back to the Reading cafe afterwards for lunch.

Join the workshop and walk here 


About Julia Davis-Nosko


Julia is an innovative practitioner bringing together a breadth and depth of programme development in public and third sectors. One of her passions is working with biodegradable clay domes.

“Clay is one of the most responsive materials.   I am exploring its agency as a time based medium.  The material itself changes from a sticky, wet substance to a highly workable elastic material.  In this state clay will collect the finest impression of a feather or the vein of a leaf on its surface.  It is highly sensitive to touch and when worked one can feel it become slightly warm to the hands.

My practice explores the nature of this intervention.  Can we work with clay in another way – questioning the need for production of more “stuff” and considering the nature of clay as a biodegradeble substance.  My experiments with growing seeds in the body of the clay also demonstrate that plants have enough nutrients and moisture to grow (see work in Routsi, Greece!works/jqqc2 )”.

growing domes