Community Gardens walk and picnic


Saturday 3 June

Meet 11am Rowntree Park Reading Cafe

Join us for a splendid and sociable walk exploring the lovely paths along the riverside. We will walk to the community garden and allotment in Fulford, and meet Helen from York Unifying Multicultural Initiative (YUMI) who helps to maintain this beautiful green community space.

It is YUMI tradition that everyone brings an item (or more) of food for a ‘bring and share’ style picnic lunch.  A great way of connecting to others is through sharing with others the food we love. Weather permitting, we will cook items on the garden’s firepit. Therefore, any BBQ items are welcomed.

This event is a great way to learn about and celebrate the different cultural backgrounds and food traditions of York’s inhabitants. The ‘bring and share’ lunch involves everyone bringing a food item or a dish (or more if you wish!)  to add to the picnic for all to enjoy in the beautiful natural surroundings of the garden and allotment amidst the sound of birds and rustling trees.

Join this sociable walk here