Katrina’s cycling journey

Take a look at Katrina’s journey into York cycle life in 2017…

“Until recently, the only bike I’d ever owned was a kid’s model with stabilisers. The stabilisers did eventually come off but I never advanced further than cycling round the block. Throughout my adult life I’ve had friends who were cycling enthusiasts but I thought if I hadn’t been much good at it earlier, it would probably be too difficult to start now.

At the end of last year we moved to York, into an eco development called Derwenthorpe. As part of the development’s commitment to sustainable transport, new homeowners are given a voucher towards a bike or a bus pass. Since I didn’t think I’d use the bus much I though, why not have a bike? Besides, I’d always liked the image of those traditional bikes; my only stipulation when buying one was that it had to be a bright colour and have a basket. And so I bought a shiny red model; the next step was how to ride it. Having wobbled up and down the cycle paths a few times, I realized I needed help!

At this stage I went online and was staggered to discover how many resources were available. First I discovered that City of York council were running free cycling courses for the over 50s. This was exactly what I needed to get me out on the road and, together with a lovely cycling buddy I met on the course, I started to grow in confidence. Then I encountered York Bike Belles and soon found myself part of a supportive, friendly and like-minded community. Thanks to them, I’ve discovered some wonderful cycle routes to out-of town pubs, taken part in some very enjoyable social evenings, joined a walking book group and even learned some bike maintenance! At the age of 52 I’ve gained a new passion, better fitness, more time in the open air and lots of new friends.

York is a perfect city for cycling and has a superb network of cycle paths. If anyone’s thinking of starting cycling in York, I’d say go for it, whatever your age. It’s never too late!”


beer garden ride