Alice’s internship

Alice was with us as a York St John University graduate intern for 6 months in 2019. What did she think about her time at YBB? Read on…

1. Have you enjoyed your time with YBB?

“Yes! I’ve learnt lots of new things about walking, cycling and the York community, about people and places I’ve never come across before. I’ve learnt how important walking and cycling is to a lot of people in York, and how walking and cycling can be made better for them. Lots of people don’t like cycling on roads in traffic. Safe cycling routes out of the busyness of the city really encourage people to walk and cycle more.”

2. What were your favourite moments of the last few months?

“I really enjoyed the Walk Cycle Festival – it was great to see how we could welcome and bring people together in a positive, fun and inclusive way, and how walking and cycling appeals to so many different people.

I loved interviewing people for our #walkcyclestar series. It was really interesting to get different people’s perspectives and hear the many ways walking and cycling improves people’s lives.”

3. Anything else to add?

“York is a city very much suited to walking and cycling. Its human scale is just not built for excessive car use and leads to traffic congestion.

I have been able to drive for a few years now, but do not drive or have a car in York and definitely don’t feel the need here. Most places are accessible via walking and cycling, and public transport is good too. I think for me having a car in York would actually be more of a hindrance. I would constantly be thinking about where to park (parking in York can be a nightmare) and would probably be stuck in traffic a lot of the time. I definitely don’t want to be part of a contribution towards climate change and high levels of air pollution in York.

I have loved working with Bike Belles and the York community. Bike Belles encourage people to walk and cycle regardless of factors like age and ability which I think is extremely important. I have really enjoyed the Cake Confidence sessions and seeing peoples confidence grow – and how happy this makes them! From being nervous to getting on a bike at the start, to a whole new feeling of confidence and positive anticipation for their cycling future.

I’ve also loved meeting those who volunteer for Bike Belles. I’ve met some very selfless, kind people that enjoy helping others – it is great to know there are so many people like this in York. And I’ve seen the benefits that a walking and cycling lifestyle has brought to people – health, fitness, wellbeing and friendship.”