University of York

Meet friendly wildfowl on the University of York’s green spaces

Anyone who has spent time on either the east or west campus of the University of York will know the surprising amount of wildlife that hangs out there! There’s an abundance of wildfowl, but also rabbits, squirrels, foxes… Are there any other animals you have spotted?

Check out the University wildlife page, with even a link to “duck of the day” (!)

If you are heading that way for your daily outing, there’s plenty of space to keep your distance on the perimeter walk/ cycle route round the main, west campus (picture below), and also around the east campus nature reserve. Who knows what friendly fowl you may meet, and perhaps exchange a greeting with? 🙂

What can I do there?
Stroll around the nature trail on the spacious east campus nature reserve:…/…/Campus%20East%20Nature%20Walk.pdf

How do I get there?
It’s an easy walk or ride from the east of the city. From elsewhere, you can plan a cycling journey using Cycle Streets online planner:…/YO10…/The+University+of+York/

Thanks as ever to Graeme Park for the excellent pictures.

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