River Foss

Discover wildlife along the River Foss

The Foss winds its way north out of York through Huntington, past New Earswick, up to Haxby and beyond, with a handy footpath alongside. It’s home to a wonderful range of wildlife, including heron, mandarin ducks, grebes, otters, mink and water voles.

If you are really lucky, as you walk and watch, the electric-blue flash of a kingfisher could just make your day 🙂

Barbara walked it yesterday and said: “We joined the path at the bottom of Huntington and took a short walk to beautiful New Earswick jumping around the muddy puddles on the path (wellies recommended!)”

What can I do there?
Jump in and out of puddles!
See how many different river dwellers you can spot.

How can I get there?
It’s easily reached from the north of the city. From elsewhere, we suggest you take the Orbital cycle route round the city, which becomes a greenway between Nestle and Foss Islands. Where the greenway crosses the river near Huntington Road (you’ll see it), just get off, find somewhere to tie your bike up and away you go! The Orbital Route is on the York Cycle Map at https://www.itravelyork.info/uploads/York_Cycle_Map.pdf

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