Ride out to Poppleton

Today’s local idea for a daily exercise outing comes from Sarah Worthy who lives in the village of Poppleton. Sarah says:

“Poppleton, to the North-West of York, can be accessed from via Millfield Lane on an off road cycle path. The cycle path takes you into the village and you can take a ride around the perimeter of the village or out onto the lanes through the fields.

If you head down Church Lane, you can see the duck pond, Tithe Barn, and Millennium Green. Alternatively, you can walk down from the church towards the river and under the railway bridge for a circular walk on the river bank and flood meadow.”

What can I do there?
– Explore the lovely area around the Tithe Barn and Millennium Green. More information about the Green at:
– Pause for a moment at the willow tree by the duck pond, breathe, and allow yourself to fully take in its lime-green spring splendor.

How do I get there?
From the west, take the route down Millfield Lane after Boroughbridge Road. From the rest of the city, the most pleasant green route is via Sustrans’ Route 65 along the river to the outer ring road and then left towards Poppleton on the cycle path alongside the ring road. Route 65 can get narrow at points, certainly less than 2 metres, so you may want to take the A19 up to the ring road for more travelling space. Roads are definitely getting quieter and safer around York.

You can see at York Cycle Route map at https://www.itravelyork.info/uploads/York_Cycle_Map.pdf

Thanks to Sarah for this great idea! If you do go, feel free to post comments and pics on here – we’d love to see them!

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