Nature Time Introduction

Enjoy springtime in York …

Hello from Sheridan! Those who follow us on social media know we are passionate, not just about walking and cycling, but also about nature and the value of trees, plants and wildlife to our wellbeing and our future.

Now, even more than usual, we need to stay positive and healthy. One of the best ways to do this is by being active outdoors and spending time with the restorative energies of the natural world. And the emergence of spring in York is perfect timing!

So, we have set ourselves a challenge. Everyday, for the next 20 days, we will post about a wonderful green space in York and how to get there on foot or by bike, via a pleasant, green route.

And what you will find there – perhaps there will be a special tree or emerging spring flowers to admire, a bench in the sun to relax on, a playful squirrel to make you smile, birdsong to draw you away from your thoughts for a while… Whatever surprise awaits, you will always be able to visit it easily on your daily outing for exercise. Remember to keep it to once a day, solo or with someone you live with, and keep a friendly 2m apart from others!

If you are not going out right now, we hope you will enjoy the pictures and descriptions. If you like the sound of a space, you can always make a note to visit in freer times.

Please do comment, share, send through your own ideas.

We’ll call the series #NatureTime. First up tomorrow is Spring at York Cemetery. See you then.