Millennium Fields

Wander Millennium Fields

Today’s idea for our daily walk/cycle/run quota is the green open space of the Millennnium Fields, just beyond the Millennium Bridge in the south of York. There’s plenty of room to keep 2 meters distance from each other. Of course, a smile and friendly hello on passing can still emotionally connect us, even when we are physically apart.

I wandered it yesterday in the glorious spring sunshine and it was a revelation! You can take a circuit along the broad footpath by the river, up onto the Field, and back along the walk/ cycle path by Danesmead Wood. There are lovely views back towards the Bridge, with cheery daffodil clusters here and there along the route. And the trees encircling the Field were starting to burst into spring – with tiny white blossom, fresh green leaves and swelling buds.

What can I do there?
– Just wander!
– Look out for signs of trees coming to life – can you identify the tree by its blossom, new leaf or bud?
– Take off a layer as you wander, and feel grateful for the welcome warmth of spring sun on your skin.

How can I get there?
You can easily walk there from the south of the city – just head for the Millennium Bridge and the Field is just behind it on the Fishergate Ward side.

From elsewhere, head south along riverside paths to the Millennium Bridge. You can park your bike up at cycle parking stands either side of the Bridge and have a stroll.