Watch for the magnolia moment

Do you have a magnolia near you, in your own or a nearby garden or green space? It’s a wonderful act of kindness when folk plant these glorious blooms in their gardens, so that they can be enjoyed by others as they pass by. Magnolia blossoms remind me to appreciate the beauty in the moment, and that everything, both light and dark, will eventually pass.

I’ve been keeping an eye on a magnolia tree down Bishy Road for a few weeks now. As I left the house for my daily stroll today, I had a feeling… And sure enough, it was out in full, blowsy beauty! Got ya 🙂

Can you capture the magnolia moment? If so, feel free to share on here or twitter. To join in Abundance York‘s local #York #BlossomWatch campaign, just tag them in and/or use those hashtags.

Look forward to the pictures!

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