Little Hob Moor

Be cheered by yellow on Little Hob Moor

It’s amazing how a flash of yellow in the natural world can lift your spirits. After the spring daffodils, come the shiny celandines and bright yellow Forsythia bushes. For your daily outing, you can be cheered by both flowers on the lovely open space of Little Hob Moor, in the south east of the city.

Little Hob Moor is an unexpected gem. It lies between Tadcaster Road and the main Hob Moor. You may have passed through it on your way to/ from the west of the city, as it’s a significant green route in the walking cycling network. It’s also a wonderful open space in its own right! It forms part of the ancient Micklegate Stray area of the city. Together with Hob Moor and the Knavesmire, it’s a valuable green corridor
for wildlife. A map of the Micklegate Stray area is at…/…/micklegate-stray-the-knavesmire-

What can I do there?
– Have a walk around the Moor, and say hello to some interesting trees and their birdlife, that are dotted around the space. It’s good to see that the new trees are doing really well and just coming into bud. More about this brilliant tree planting project at
– Check out the Plague Stone and the Hobstone. You can read about the interesting history of the stones before you go at

How can I get there?
You can easily walk, cycle, or run there from the west or south of the city.
From elsewhere, we suggest you ride straight out of the city up Taddy Road. Entrance to the Moor is on your right up the past the racecourse turnoff.

If you do go, feel free to share your thoughts and pics with us!

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