Knavesmire Grasslands

Be surprised on a stroll around the Knavesmire Grasslands

Knavesmire Grasslands lies along the Tadcaster Road edge of the open green space that is the Knavesmire, between Cherry Lane and Knavesmire Woods.

I visited for an early evening stroll this week, and was pleasantly surprised! There are lovely open views across the Knavesmire, cheery clumps of daffodils here and there, and unexpected bushes of gorse, just coming into scented bloom.

What can I do there?
Smell the gorse. Get close (but not too close as it has prickles!) and see if it smells like coconut. In celtic tradition, sunny yellow gorse represents hope in difficult times.
Listen for bees emerging from their grassland habitat. How well do you know your bees? There’s a great guide at…/…/types-of-bee-in-the-uk/

How do I get there?
You can easily walk or cycle there from the south of the city. From elsewhere, head down Taddy Road, left down Cherry Lane just past the Holiday Inn and tie your steed up at the bottom of the lane. The Grasslands are just to your right.

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