Knavemire Trees

Enjoy horse chestnut trees and history on a walk round the Knavesmire

Today’s idea for your daily walk/ride/run outing is an interesting walk around the fabulous open space that is the Knavesmire. What a valuable asset this is for us York residents at the moment!

This is an varied grassy route that avoids the main (busier) concrete circuit. From the main Knavesmire Road Racecourse entrance, head straight across the grass towards Taddy Road and the Marriot Hotel. There a gap in the railings at the far end. Go up the slope and turn right along a broad footpath flanked by magnificent horse chestnut trees. They are just coming into bud and new leaf in fantastic shapes! On the left is the site of York Tyburn (more below). Carry on until the path ends at Knavesmire Road, and return to the Racecourse entrance. If you need to do more exercise, you can always do a few loops of the main racecourse track 🙂

What can I do there?
– Look out for the fantastical shapes of new leaves twisting out of the buds of horse chestnut trees.
– Reminisce on how Dick Turpin finally met his end as you pass the site of York Tyburn. Read a little before you go at:
– As you walk, and breathe, become aware of all the space around you. Let it sink it until until your mind and emotions feel calmer, feel like space… and take this home with you.

How can I get there?
You can easily walk there from the south of the city. From elsewhere, either cycle down Taddy Road and turn off along Knavesmire Road towards the Racecourse; or head down the riverside path, Terry Avenue, turn right at Millennium Bridge, straight across Bishy Road, first left down Trafalgar Street, right at the end on to Campleshon Road, and continue to the Racecourse entrance. You can lock your steed up on the fences near the entrance.

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