Find peace in the green of Askham Bog

The Sunday afternoon was hotting up, so I headed out on the bike for a long overdue visit to Askham Bog in search of some shade.

A Bog? In York? Indeed. According to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust “Askham Bog is a remarkable survivor of the ancient fenlands of Yorkshire. It occupies the site of an ancient lake, left behind by a retreating glacier 15, 000 years ago.” The site was bought by a collaborating Mr Terry and Mr Rowntree and the Trust was originally set up to care for it.

It’s a wondrous spot – home to an abundance of trees, unusual plants, wildlife and flowers, including the giant royal fern (pictured below), purple and yellow loosestrife flowers, emperor dragonflies and native alder, hazel, silver birch and oak. And many more!

I spent a happy hour walking along the boardwalk and exploring the mostly dry footpaths. As I walked, the noise of the nearby road and railway gradually faded. It was all so green, calm, and connected. There was only peace.

What can I do there?

Just wander, and let your mind and spirit calm.

Hunt for blackberries! Tis the season.

See if you can identify the trees and flowers, or the birds calling through the woods.

Sit by the pond, and wait for the dragonflies 😊

How do I get there?

Follow the Greenway (NCN 65) south of York across the Knavesmire past Knavesmire Wood to York College. Turn right at a fork in the cycle path towards the College to Tadcaster Road. Cross the road using the dedicated cycle crossing, turn left, and cycle a short distance on the shared pavement to Askham Bog. You can tie your steed to the low wooden railings by the entrance.

There’s plenty of buses that go along Tadcaster Road from town. Stop at Askham Bar, head out of town, and walk the short distance along the pavement to Askham Bog.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has more information about Askham Bog Nature Reserve.

And here’s a Map of a lovely walk from Askham Bar Park and Ride to Askham Bog and the Copmanthorpe Flower Walk.

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