Dean’s Park

Admire the best views and hotel in town in Dean’s Park

It’s hard to believe that there is a better view of the Minster than the main, West entrance. But I personally prefer the one from the benches at the back of Dean’s Park – as you look over green, with trees framing the grey stone splendour.

And, as for hotels, the new BUG Hotel in the sensory garden at the back corner comes highly recommended! As you can see in the picture below 🙂

What can I do there?
– Settle down on the grass with your back against one of the Park’s mature trees, admire the view, and listen to the high-pitched calls of the peregrins.
– Enjoy a spring picnic on the grass. There’s plenty of grass space to spread and space out on, and for the big and little kids to run around.

How do I get there?
This is the best bit. I recommend a walk/ ride combo. Cycle in down the riverside if you are coming from from the south or north, park up at the Perky Peacock, and walk over Lendal Bridge. The Minster beckons. It’s a memorable short walk to the Park and you pass many splendid trees and buildings on the way.