Chapman’s Pond

Find calm at Chapman’s Pond

What a find! For those who have yet to discover it, Chapman’s Pond is in Dringhouses to the south west of York. It’s one of a few ponds in the area in brick pits from former clay workings. When the work stopped, the pit flooded and plants and wildlife moved in! Now it’s a wonderful haven of water and wildlife with a small, tangled wood ringing with bird song.

What can I do there?
– Play hide and seek in the wood 🙂
– Spring sunbathe on the spacious south-facing grassy banks
– Savour tea from a flask. As you slowly sip, and breathe, the noise in your mind quietens, leaving blue space, calm and birdsong
– Fish. Try your luck in this apparently well-stocked pond. Details on how to get licences from the Friends Group at

How do I get there?
It’s easily reached by foot or bike down residential streets in the west of the city. See location at

From elsewhere, we suggest you cycle Sustrans route 65 from the centre. Ride down Terry Avenue and across the Knavesmire. Turn first right past Knavesmire Wood onto a walk/ cycle path, cycle through the estate until you emerge at the Tesco roundabout on Taddy Road. Go straight across, over the railway bridge, and turn right after the next roundabout. The pond is just the other side of the Love to Eat cafe.

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