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I work at Best Western GB’s head office based at Clifton Moor. My journey to work is a leisurely walk of around ten minutes / half a mile through the housing estate onto the adjacent industrial park.

I always enjoy walking, and the commute would actually take longer in a car due to the traffic congestion. It’s satisfying breezing past the gridlocked traffic at rush hour! I choose not to have a car at the moment as the benefits of car-free living, outweigh the drawbacks.

The benefits of walking for me are the fresh air, which clears my head and wakes me enough to be semi-functional by 9 am! I find connecting with nature is both grounding and calming before spending the day in a busy artificial office environment. It’s good exercise too.

I walk to work in my running shoes, just in case I get the urge to break into a spontaneous jog (or if I’m running late!). Since I’ve been walking to work I feel more connected to the changing seasons and have developed an interest in nature photography!

For anyone new to a walking commute, comfortable footwear is an obvious but highly important must. Give yourself plenty of time to get where you’re going, so you’re not rushing, stressed, or arriving at work feeling sweaty and dishevelled! If you’re not familiar with the area use Google maps to plan the quickest/safest route, or better still do a trial run beforehand”.




I’ve recently changed jobs. In my old job I cycled on a very busy road, not for the faint-hearted – but having the right gear and growing my cycling confidence definitely helped! Now I’ve started my new job I use a handy cycle track mostly, so I just dodge the friendly dog walkers  

Most of my colleagues have asked me – when I made the change to cycle instead of drive “Why are you cycling, you have a car?!” But I think: Why am I driving, I now have panniers (Saddle bags) for my bike, I can carry things easily when I cycle now, so why not cycle!

I love to cycle. It energises me for my day. I like hearing the birds and rustling of trees. I’m not just a “fair weather cyclist” I cycle in the rain too (mostly coz I’m mad) I still like it, just means I need my waterproofs with me.

One of the best things about cycling is when you pass another cyclist going in the other direction and you sorta nod at each other. Or if its a quiet road can shout a greeting across. Love it!!

Tips for anyone thinking of cycling/walking to work: make sure you know the route and feel safe. I feel safer wearing a helmet and reflective jacket. And if cycling in the dark: make sure your lights have power! Waterproof coat, trousers and gloves are a must for the colder, wetter days to ensure comfort. And of course: PANNIERS!! (for cyclists) – The best thing ever! I don’t need to carry anything on my back with these!



andy 2

My cycle commute to York College is just long enough to give me daily exercise, and far quicker and cheaper than using the two buses I would need to catch. Leaving aside the odd puncture it is far more reliable than driving or using public transport with no parking problems.

Coming from Fulford across the Millennium Bridge I have the choice of a steep climb up near Terry’s or more usually I travel along Bishopthorpe Rd before taking the route across the Knavesmire racecourse. What I like about this is being able to appreciate the seasons and changing wildlife – winter frost,then spring bird life, listening out for arrival of chiffchaff, swallows, swifts and housemartins. Sadly numbers do still seem to be declining – no yellowhammer or cuckoo for the past few years, but still a woodpecker from time to time.

It’s also nice that cyclists wave to each other – you get to know the regulars going the opposite direction. Only real negative this time of year is the dark evenings and competing bright lights from cyclists heading in the opposite direction!

My tip for anyone starting would be to check out the route in the light on a nice day first, and don’t be too ambitious! Once or twice a week is fine, especially in winter. I would also recommend overtrousers (helps keep mud off your clothes!) and keep a spare pair or change of shoes and socks at work, in case you get very wet!



I cycle to work every day and I cycle regularly in my work day to meetings and activities across the city. I mostly use the Orbital route and Tang Hall beck which is safe, accessible and beautiful for walkers and cyclists.

I choose to cycle to work as it is the quickest and cheapest way for me to travel. It keeps me fit and I feel great when I arrive at the office, after spending 15 minutes in the fresh air.

My job involves moving around the city, carrying everything on bike, from presentation resources, tools for childrens’ activities to vegetables from the community allotment. Even bags of compost!

Top tips?   Don’t be afraid of carrying stuff on your bike, they are sturdy things! A bike rack and panniers is a great investment and they will last for years. And make the most of the amazing York cycle network. It will make your cycle ride safer and so much more enjoyable.



I cycle to work everyday. Not a grand boast or anything particularly unusual when you live in York.  However, I don’t go directly to work. Instead I take my two daughters (7 and 4 years old) to school first. We all go on two wheels. It used to be that I’d pedal and take the eldest in the trailer, then she wanted to cycle in herself so the trailer was left at home and first her balance bike, then her pedal bike were pressed into service.  Next her little sister needed ferrying about so I fitted a front mounted seat so she could ride along with her dad, see the things I could see, talk to me and get cuddles and kisses, she could also talk to her big sister who was pedalling along with us.

Now she’s too big for the front seat so she gets on her balance bike or scooter and we all whizz along the mile or so to school chattering away in the fresh morning air.  Once we get to school there are quite a few other parents and children with rosy cheeks and smiles who’ve enjoyed a two-wheeled self propelled journey in to set them up for a school day.  Once the kids’ bikes or scooters are safely stowed in the bike shed and they have waved me cheerio to go into class, I start the rest of my journey.

You don’t have to be Chris Froome or Sir Bradley to get a buzz from beating the car traffic on your bicycle on these easy to use routes, and if you do them everyday you soon get used to seeing the same people cycling the other way, or adding your own modifications to the route   to suite the weather, time of day or your particular mood.


Do you actively travel to work? If so, why not share your story with us? Post on here or email yorkbikebelles@gmail.com