Join the team!

Are you passionate about walking and cycling, positive and pro-active, good with a wide range of people, an excellent communicator, and flexible? If so, one of York Bike Belles new roles might be for you!

This autumn, we are looking to expand and diversify our small and friendly team in York. Opportunities are open to everyone. We’d particularly like to work with more parents and carers, men and younger people.

We guarantee you will enjoy working with us in our work that encourages more people to walk and cycle around our beautiful city. As a group, we are flexible, dynamic, creative, and our work makes a positive difference to people’s lives and to the York community.

In a nutshell, we are looking for:

  • 3 new volunteers to assist with walking and cycling activities, including tryouts, walks, rides, community stalls, buddying, maintenance workshops, festivals and more! We also need help with promotional activities, including social media, newsletters, photos and videos, admin and communistic advocacy and engagement. OPEN! MORE DETAILS BELOW
  • 2 new paid team members working flexible hours depending on projects and funding. The work will be mainly to help with the delivery of walking and cycling activities, including tryouts, walks, rides, community stalls, buddying, maintenance workshops, festivals and more! COMING SOON
  • 2 new volunteer Management Committee members to provide input and time with the operational and strategic direction of York Bike Belles, especially business development, funding, partnership-working and volunteer support. COMING SOON

We expect the team to walk and cycle as a priority wherever possible, to be positive advocates for York Bike Belles at all times, and to give some volunteer time to help deliver our core volunteer activities every month.

If you are interested, do call or email in the first instance,; 07900 977990.

York Bike Belles Volunteer – role description


York Bike Belles is a small, dynamic and creative team which has had a massive impact in increasing cycling in York. We have engaged with many thousands of people over the last 4 years, 75% of whom said that contact with us increased their level of cycling. In 2016, we won a national award for Excellence in Cycling. There is always more to do, however. York’s modal share of walking and cycling is far lower than it should be and we need more help with activities, to spread the word, increase our impact and get more people walking and cycling! Full details of what we do is at


This is a part-time, flexible role, based in and around York. We ask that you commit to a minimum of a day a month (could be a few hours to a full day, during the day, at evenings or the weekend). We ask that you walk and cycle as a priority during your work for us. We provide all necessary support and training and, depending on the work agreed, we may need to carry out a DBS check.

Role Purpose

To work within the Bike Belles team to encourage, inspire and enable residents of York to walk and cycle more often every day,  for the benefit of health, community life and the environment.

Key Responsibilities

  1. To help deliver a year-round public programme of walking and cycling activities, which may include led rides and walks, bike maintenance workshops, bike buddying, #travelwithtots tryouts, bike loan sessions, social events, community stalls and other creative walking and cycling interventions.
  2. To help promote the programme of activities, York Bike Belles and teh benefits of everyday walking and cycling in general to the York community via the website, social media, articles, newsletters, press and radio, by distributing posters in the community and by community networking such as attending meetings and giving presentations.
  3. To help record York Bike Belles’ activities in photo, audio and video form.
  4. To help collect case studies or ‘stories’ from participants and produce and promote them in written, audio and video form.
  5. To provide administrative support for all our activities, including keeping our stock of maps and leaflets and database up to date and helping with monitoring through surveys, focus groups and collecting informal feedback.
  6. To provide holistic, person-centred support and encouragement to all participants.
  7. Anything else reasonable to enable us to meet our objectives. We are open to new ideas!

Person Specification

  1. You are passionate about everyday walking and cycling and its benefits for health, community life and the environment.
  2. You have some experience of organising, publicising, delivering and monitoring events.
  3. You have some experience in marketing, particularly in social media.
  4. You are IT literate.
  5. You, ideally, have some experience in taking photos, audio recordings and videos to a good standard.
  6. You have come experience working in the community, with a range of individuals and community groups.
  7. You have excellent communication skills.
  8. You are able to work independently and as part of a team.
  9. You are positive, self-motivated with energy, enthusiasm and drive.
  10. You are able to motivate and enthuse others.


Join us! “Be the change you want to see in the world”