Our organisation


Welcome to our friendly community!

Because everyday walking and cycling is the natural way to get around our beautiful city. 


York Bike Belles has been working in York since 2014 and has directly engaged with many thousands of people in that time and many more online. In a 2018 survey, 75% of respondents said contact with us encouraged them to increase their cycling levels. We were originally a project targeting women, delivered by Sustrans and funded by City of York Council’s i-Travel York programme. Funding for this project came to an end in mid-2016.

Our vision and ethos

In mid 2016, the core staff and champions from the project got together and decided to form an independent, volunteer-led community organisation, with a new inclusive ethos. Our vision is that everyday walking and cycling becomes the natural choice of transport across York, so that everyone can enjoy better health, well being and quality of life.

We offer a core, regular programme of cycling and walking support activities, all free of charge to the community. We have committed to continue our most popular and effective activities on a volunteer basis  all year round to ensure the sustainability of essential cycling support in York, regardless of external funding.

Our organisation

We are a community organisation, led by a management committee of local women and men passionate about increasing everyday walking and cycling in York.

We have a core delivery team who are trained in ride and walk leading, bike mechanics, first aid, engagement methods and DBS-checked. Our work is people-centred and responsive to need. We pride ourselves in making all our activities safe, sociable, supportive and, above all, fun!

We have a focus on everyday walking and cycling journeys, encouraging those new to cycling, moving them on the journey to independently cycling for transport and perhaps go car-free. We target groups and communities currently under-represented in cycling, such as women, parents of young children, older adults, those with low physical and emotional well being and lower income groups and communities. Our work is innovative, creative and continually developing. We continually look to raise awareness of the value of nature, especially trees, into our practice.

Our work has been recognised nationally. We are part of Public Health England’s “Everyone Active Everyday” framework and we were chosen to feature in their 2019 York case study. York Bike Belles #travelwithtots won a national award in 2016 for Excellence in Cycling from Modeshift.


We have been chosen by the Eden Project to feature as one of their “Projects of the Future” in their 2019 Earth Story initiative. We gave a presentation in the House of Commons to the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG) about women and cycling in 2018. We feature as a “Story for Change” in the ground-breaking 2017 Zero Carbon Britain report

We enjoy cooperating and working in constructive partnerships with others and pursue a culture of positive advocacy towards making York a better place for walking and cycling, a #cityforpeople. We work strategically across the city and are an integral part of York’s city community, working with multiple community partners, businesses, education and City of York Council. We support the collective Walk Cycle Vision for York.


We are always looking for volunteers to help with our work. Check out http://www.yorkbikebelles.community/join-our-team for more info and email yorkbikebelles@gmail.com if you would like to become part of our friendly team.