York Cycling Without Age

Cycling without Age is coming to York in October 2018!




Cycling Without Age … so that everyone can feel the wind in their hair from a bike! (Photos courtesy of Cycling Without Age projects around the world)

What is Cycling Without Age? 

Cycling Without Age is a simple but brilliant idea. With the help of a special electric-assist bike with a passenger cab for two out front, community Pedallers offer free, comfortable rides to older, less mobile folk who may not get out as often as they’d like. All ride together on fun, cycling excursions into the countryside and around the city.

Cycling Without Age is an international movement that started in Copenhagen in 2012 and has now spread to 41 countries around the world – see http://cyclingwithoutage.org/ . It has taken off in the UK over the last year, following the amazing video from a Scottish project, which understandably went viral  – check out https://www.facebook.com/bbcthree/videos/10154985315840787/.

We are delighted to be able to bring this to York. We will be following the Cycling Without Age original and wonderful principles of active citizenship, bringing generations closergenerosity and kindness, slowing down, telling and listening to stories, creating new relationships and the right to enjoy life on a bike and the wind in your hair, no matter how old you are.

Everyone has a great time! Older folk enjoy getting out more, fresh air, contact with the natural world and interacting with community life and companionship. Community Pedallers enjoy the same and the company of older folk and their stories, and have great fun pedalling people around.

Cycling Without Age creates a world where we can tangibly grow happiness – with the simple act of connecting generations to each other, the outdoors and the local community, on a bicycle ride 🙂

Latest news…

We have made initial contacts with care homes and independent living schemes and hope to start a programme of rides from October. We have had over 40 expressions of interest to be Volunteer Pedallers! We have now closed the opportunity but please feel free to email yorkbikebelles@gmail.com to be put on a waiting list. More on here and social media as the project develops …

We are able to bring Cycling Without Age to York thanks to the generous sponsorship of Dan Croxen-John, CEO of AWA Digital  (see profile below), funding from i-Travel York and storage and maintenance support from Cycle Heaven.

Dan Croxen-John, CEO of AWA Digital
Dan profile.jpg

In February 1994 my grandmother wrote to me. I was living in Italy, teaching English and I had recently returned to Bari after my grandfather’s funeral. The letter from my grandmother was about how lonely she felt after losing her husband of 48 years and what life was like for her. My gran and I shared a real connection and it was extremely hard to read about unhappy she was. Since then I have done a number of small things to help other older people who are experiencing loneliness. Being a befriender for AgeUK and being a driver for Contact The Elderly have offered me a chance to become involved and do what I can. I also run a business, AWA digital, a conversion optimisation and analytics agency. Each year we donate 5% of our profits to causes I feel close. In the past this has included York Mind where I was vice-Chair. This year business has been better than expected and we have been in a position to fund the purchase of a Trio Bike that can be used to take out older people who may be feeling lonely, who would like to ‘feel the wind in their hair’ again. I am excited about the start of this project and seeing the bike being ridden by volunteers to give rides through the streets of York to people who enjoy getting out and about and meeting new people. We are already planning how we might be able to purchase a second bike if the project goes as well as we expect it to!