Car-Lite Living

Enjoy a healthy, sociable and climate-friendly lifestyle!

Living car-lite in York is my best life. It’s easy, fun and full of variety. It energizes and keeps me positive. It makes me glad to be alive.”

Sheridan, YBB Programme Manager, 2022

Feel healthier, meet new people in a friendly community, keep your travel affordable, be climate-friendly and enjoy life more!
Our NEW ‘Car-Lite Living’ scheme will enable you to switch driving for greener journeys – walking, cycling or public transport. We offer free advice, a personal journey plan, and 1:1 friendly buddy support on walks, rides or public transport, all tailored to YOU.
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What is Car-Lite Living?

Car-Lite Living is a free programme to support you into walking, cycling and using public transport more, and driving less. We ask that you switch at least 1 regular driving journey in York for a greener journey. Regular journeys could be to work, education, the shops or for other errands, to see friends and family, for leisure or to green spaces, the countryside or the seaside.
The 3 Car-Lite Living Steps are:
Step 1:
Car-Lite Living Conversation – we ask you to complete a survey, and attend a call or meeting with Amy or Sarah to discuss your journeys, needs and goals. This can take place over the phone or in a mutually-convenient community venue. If you are new or a returner to cycling, we may refer you to our Cake Confidence start cycling scheme.
Step 2:
Car-Lite Living Plan of Support – we offer you a personalised plan tailored to you. This could include advice, a personal journey plan and 1: 1 friendly buddy support on walks, rides and public transport.
Step 3:
Review – we celebrate your progress, offer you more support if needed and welcome you to the Car-Lite Living community. We invite you on our other activities and to our Better Together friendship scheme so you can enjoy company on your walks, rides or bus journeys.

Everyone is welcome

We welcome enquiries from people of all ages, abilities, life situations and with health concerns. We have put in place flexible support to cater for a diversity of needs. We can support children as part of family groups.

What are the benefits of Car-Lite living?

You’ll feel healthier and happier, enjoy York’s beautiful environment, meet new people in a friendly community, be climate-friendly, keep your travel affordable and enjoy life more!
You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing you are taking positive action to tackle some of the biggest environmental issues of today – climate change, air pollution and the nature crisis.
We hope you’ll be inspired by stories from those in York who already enjoy Car-Lite Living below:
Dom says: “When I’m walking along, smiling as I pass people, paying attention to wildlife, or cycling through some of the beautiful, quiet cycleways in York, I find myself having fun.”
Sheridan says: “Living car-lite in York is my best life. It’s easy, fun and full of variety. It energizes and keeps me positive. It makes me glad to be alive.”
Alison says: “I cycle because it keeps me fit and active, not just as a means of transport but also for pleasure and social engagement.”

YBB Programme 2022

Car-Lite Living is part of our free programme of walking, cycling and nature activities, communications and volunteering for York residents, all year round. We arrange support and flexibility where needed.
We hope you’ll join our activities this year. You’ll walk and cycle more, and enjoy a healthy, sociable and green lifestyle. Plus, you’ll get outdoors, feel well, meet new friends, tune into nature, be climate-friendly and enjoy life more!
Check out our other activities for 2022.

Thank you

Thank you to the National Lottery Community Fund for “Together for our Planet” funding to help our community take practical climate action in 2022.

Can you help Car-Lite Living grow?

We rely on donations, grants and sponsorship to fund our work. Your donation will enable us to offer support into car-lite living to more people in York. Please donate here.
‘Car-Lite Living’ is an original York Bike Belles project, all rights reserved, 2022.